• Athlete Development

    Helping young athletes, coaches, teachers and parents to be the best they can be


We want kiwi kids to be the most capable young people in the world when it comes to engaging with physical activity and sports. By helping to develop kids who are robust and resilient, we allow them to avoid injury and make the most of training and games. Building confidence and independence allows kids to improve their problem-solving skills and deal with difficult situations as they arise in any setting. By growing athletic and competent movers, we allow kids to be the best they can be.

There are two things that are key to how we approach athlete development.

  1. Establishing the Fundamentals. It’s only when the basic building blocks are in place that more complex tasks can be mastered.
  2. Evidence based programmes. This allows us to focus on specific areas that will lead to rapid and sustained performance improvements. ‘

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Yash Krishna

Yash Krishna

AD Programme Manager
Aaran Brabant

Aaran Brabant

AD Programme Assistant Manager

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