We’ve saved the best seat in the house for YOU!

This is your chance to contribute to the development of our facilities at AUT Millennium and assist the next generation of athletes. All proceeds go to the AUT Millennium Foundation Club Scholarship Fund which assists the next generation of athletes, some of whom will represent New Zealand on the world stage in the future.

Simply choose the seat or seats you would like to sponsor in the Sir Owen G. Glenn National Aquatic Centre for a donation of $250.00.

Your sponsorship will be acknowledged by a plaque on your chosen sponsored seat or seats with your name, the name of a loved one, or your business.

Choose your seat or seats by clicking one or more of the available seats below.

  • Select the seat or seats you would like to sponsor. (You can pick up to 10 seats per transaction. For bulk orders of 10 or more seats please contact [email protected])
  • Scroll down to add your name, the name of a loved one, or your business name (up to 18 characters per line, two lines max) to each seat
  • When you are ready, click Checkout to be transferred to our online store
  • Review your cart then proceed to Checkout, where you can enter your personal details and pay via secure credit card portal
  • Once purchased you will receive confirmation of your order
  • A donation receipt will be sent to you in due course