Parking information

Please always enter your license plate number into a parking machine as soon as you exit your vehicle to avoid a breach notice.


7am-6pm Monday to Sunday and public holidays. Outside of these hours, all parking is free.


Each license plate is provided with 90 minutes of free parking once it has been entered into one of the parking machines located in the carpark or entrance of either the AUT Millennium building or National Aquatic Centre.
Gym members have up to 180 minutes of free parking by registering their license plate at the parking machine located at Gym reception only. Once your license plate has been registered on your tag, you will only need to swipe your tag on the parking machine for future visits (unless using a different car). Gym members are not permitted to both the 180 minutes AND a further 90 minutes free on the same day. Only one free session per day is allowed and any additional time must be paid for on arrival.

What if I don’t know how long I will be here for?
If you are unsure how long you need parking, we suggest using the ParKiwi Parking App which allows you to ‘start’ and then ‘stop’ your parking session avoiding any issues should you be on-site longer than intended.


If you intend to stay over your allocated free time, you will need to pay $3.00 per hour thereafter. Alternatively, you have the option of a $20 per day flat rate.
If you have already entered your license plate into the system but now require to stay longer, please enter your details into a parking machine to pay for your extra time.

I visit AUT Millennium multiple times a day. What are my options?
If you left before all your allocated time was used but returned to the carpark later that day, you will have to pay for your second visit. The free time limit commences as soon as you enter it in the system and does not stop once you leave the carpark. Remember, you have the option of a $10 per day flat rate, and there is no charge before 7am and after 6pm.


Credit or debit cards can be used at all machines.
For all cash or eftpos payments, please use the machines located at the entrance to the main building.

ParKiwi App
You can also pay using the ParKiwi Parking App. Go to the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and search for ‘ParKiwi’.


To receive an e-receipt following payment, simply go to and enter the code you received upon entering your details in the parking machine. You will only be required to do this once, after that the system will remember your details and automatically email you electronic receipts.


There are seven machines – four in the carpark, one in each building entrance and one in the Gym. Please refer to the map for specific locations.


Enter your license plate details, then select ‘OK’.
If you believe you will be within the allotted time frame, select ‘complete now’ OR
If you believe you need longer than the automated free time, select ‘Pay for more time’, payment method, select your extra time, and pay.


If you are worried your details have been entered incorrectly, please visit: and enter the code provided by the parking machine after entering your details.
If you find that your details are incorrect, please contact the IntelliCo team.
If you do not have a code and receive a breach notice then you are able to appeal the breach notice. Instructions can be found on the bottom of your breach notice.


If a parking machine is broken, please try the next machine. Please let a staff member know so that the problem can be swiftly fixed.


You are not required to do anything before you leave the carpark, just head on your way!


If you require a mobility or High Performance athlete carpark, you do not have to pay, but are required to display the appropriate parking permit in your car. For information on where to locate reserved carparks, please refer to the map provided.


Users who do not comply with the carpark terms and conditions may be issued with a $65 breach notice.
If you wish to appeal your breach notice, please contact the Stellar team: [email protected]. Their information is also located at the bottom of your breach notice.


As an events facility, you will sometimes experience larger than usual traffic in the carpark. To keep up-to-date with upcoming events so you can plan your next visit, ensure you are receiving your AUT Millennium newsletter from the Gym, Swim School or National Aquatic Centre, or have liked the AUT Millennium Facebook page.
If you believe you are not receiving the newsletter, please contact [email protected]