NorthSport Olympic Weightlifting

With the advent of AUT Millennium, the concept of forming a Weightlifting Club to be based at this facility was promoted in 2001.

International quality training and competition equipment was purchased to assist in the establishment of the club. The NorthSport Weightlifting club was formed to provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, and with several top New Zealand Weightlifters is providing encouragement and inspiration for new athletes to join the sport.

A number of New Zealand Weightlifting representatives train at AUT Millennium, including Tracy Lambrechs and Mathew Madsen. Olympic Weightlifting NZ training camps are also conducted at this venue. NorthSport Weightlifting Club is encouraging new athletes to participate in Olympic Weightlifting and experience the thrill of one of the world’s oldest Olympic sports.

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