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Clinical Exercise Physiologists providing advanced exercise assessment and prescription for people living with a wide-range of medical conditions.

The Human Potential Clinic (HPC) bridges the gap between the medical community and fitness industry. This unique Clinic specialises in providing evidence-based, advanced exercise assessment and prescription for people living with a wide range of risk factors and medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The HPC works closely with referring medical practitioners, specialists and other allied-health professionals, to provide comprehensive prevention, treatment, and management of various health conditions. Services are centered on the principles of progressive self-management and long-term changes in health-behaviours, ranging from closely-supervised (one-to-one) to home-based (independent) programmes. Research clearly shows that individualised exercise programmes based on gold-standard laboratory assessments can offer substantially greater health benefits than generic low to moderate intensity exercise programmes, whilst minimising risk.



Our Exercise advice and programming service includes consultation to make positive and sustainable lifestyle changes for your general fitness and well being. Included in this consultation is education, goal setting, and behavioural change strategies.

We can also include some preliminary clinic testing and programming guidance for resistance training, flexibility, and whole body balance conditioning. We will assist you by providing clinical advice to identify and work around barriers to exercise.



Our Gas analysis fitness test and energy utilisation assessment options offers more advanced measurements for both healthy and active individuals and those at risk or living with medical conditions. The assessment can be tailored to assess overall cardiovascular fitness or metabolic efficiency while exercising at different intensities.

The fitness test involves breath-by-breath analysis of your performance across a wide range of exercise intensities to give you a clear idea of your overall fitness profile. In contrast, the energy utilisation assessment will look at how much energy you use during cycling, walking or running, and how this changes in response to your diet. Changes to your energy utilisation may also improve factors affecting your performance and health (e.g. GI distress and reduced energy stores).

Gold standard measurement techniques allow us to not only accurately measure your exercise responses, but also prescribe individualised exercise guidelines.



Our Gas Analysis and cardiopulmonary monitoring assessment is based on international gold-standard guidelines. The assessment can be tailored to a wide range of people including: healthy individuals looking to prevent medical conditions or optimise their current health status, through to individuals with high-risk medical conditions. Ours is a service that delivers a high level of safety through the use of advanced monitoring equipment and techniques.



This one-off appointment provides the client with opportunity for an updated assessment, training material, and expert advice for on-going improvements in physical and psychological health.



Expert individualised guidance, motivation and monitoring in a private training environment.

$85 (60MIN)

(10 session concession rate $65 per session)

$60 (30MIN)

(10 session concession rate $45 per session)

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Medical Professionals

The HPC is a new, high quality exercise rehabilitation Clinic offering genuine outcome focused solutions for a variety of chronic conditions and cardiovascular disease risk factors. This enables us to deliver precise, direct physiological measurements, and is the only accurate method of individualised exercise prescription that is both substantially more effective, and safer than generic exercise prescription.

The HPC provides a professional, evidence-based service for comprehensive exercise rehabilitation and risk reduction. We provide our clients with solutions that focus on long-term recovery by offering a range of services. We have a highly specialised team of experienced clinical exercise physiologists with a unique skill set. In addition, our team are involved in university research and teaching.

Your patient’s safety is of the utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of safety by following strict national and international monitoring and emergency management guidelines. Should we identify any abnormal changes of concern, we will immediately refer the patient back to you for diagnosis.

As part of our standard service, we provide you with clear concise reports with meaningful functional/prognostic measures that you can integrate into your patient management and accurately track your patient’s progress.

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