Our Partners


Founding Donors

  • Sir Graeme Avery
  • Sir Stephen Tindall

Significant Donors

  • Sir Owen G. Glenn
  • Sir David Levene



AUT is New Zealand’s university for the changing world with AUT City Campus, AUT South Campus, North Shore Campus as well as the AUT Millennium facility.

The university is New Zealand’s leading exercise, health, and sport and recreation tertiary education provider.

AUT’s Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand’s (SPRINZ) clinics, located here at AUT Millennium, gather sport science and health information from high performance athletes and the wider community.

SPRINZ has internationally renowned experts in the areas of physical conditioning, performance analysis, immunology analysis, biomechanics, exercise physiology, injury prevention, kinanthropometry, public health, coach development, and sport leadership and management.

SPRINZ’s research aims to improve the performance of elite athletes, sport sector capability, and the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

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AUT Millennium and HPSNZ work in partnership to help more New Zealand athletes win on the world stage. AUT Millennium is the home of HPSNZ’s National Training Centre for ‘carded’ high performance athletes. The facilities at the National Training Centre include a strength and conditioning gym, recovery areas, rehabilitation centre, high performance sports science centre, support services and administration.

Athletes who are carded are eligible for performance support as determined by their national sport organisation and delivered by HPSNZ. Part of this support allows athletes to train for free in the HPSNZ Gym.

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Speedo has been our official aquatic sponsor since late 2002; a long standing relationship that reflects the company’s desire to support New Zealand’s premium swimming facility. Speedo currently have two onsite retail walls stocking a range of swimwear and accessories.

Nestlé New Zealand Limited

Nestlé has been the nutrition partner of AUT Millennium since our opening in 2002, and is committed to enhancing the quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for individuals, families and communities.

As part of this commitment, Nestlé in partnership with AUT Millennium deliver Nestlé for Healthier Kids days for local schools at the AUT Millennium facility, improving nutrition and health knowledge and encouraging physical activity amongst school-aged children. For more information, click here.

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Commercial Suppliers


Our relationship with Benefitz has existed since 2004, and the company are our official signage, printing and graphic design partner. Benefitz is a team of 80 dedicated people who provide and deliver a quality service. The company places a high importance on community and is heavily involved in numerous initiatives and projects.

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Community Partners