Myzone is a wearable heart rate monitor which connects to an app on your smartphone, as well as a system within our Gym.

Myzone monitors your heart rate and displays it as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. It also keeps track of your calories burned and time exercising, and translates it into “Myzone Effort Points” (MEPs), which reward the effort you’re putting in rather than fitness, making it a standardised system for all our Everyday Champions.


Heart rate training is a great way for anyone to see how much they are getting from their workouts. Different heart rate zones are more effective for different fitness goals, and Myzone not only simplifies the formula, it also makes it social. You can connect with friends or workout partners to comment and encourage each other, as well as set fun fitness challenges to motivate yourselves.

We have two screens operating in the Gym, one in the functional area and one in the Group Fitness Studio. This makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your effort levels during your workout and adapt based on your goals.


Myzone’s MEPs are based on the World Health Organisation’s Physical Activity Guidelines. 1300 points equates to the minimum monthly movement requirement, and you can track how you’re progressing towards this, with different status rewards based on how often you achieve this goal.


Our Gym team use Myzone belts and can give you a great introduction to the system and how you can get the most out of heart rate based training.

Belts are available for purchase from Gym reception, so get in touch with our team to get in your zone!


AUT Millennium is built on a community of everyday New Zealanders striving to achieve extra-ordinary things. We are committed to helping our Everyday Champions be the best they can be.


AUT Millennium Gym members can purchase a Myzone belt from Gym reception at any time. We’re fully invested in the Myzone system on a technical and philosophical level, so have all the knowledge and the set up to help get you started and thrive with heart rate based training.


Pick up a belt from Gym reception – it’s a one-off up front cost of $149 for the belt and receiver. It takes two minutes to set up your Myzone app and enter your details. The system automatically works out your maximum heart rate. Pop your strap on your chest and you’ll instantly be recording your workout. Keep the app open to see your heart rate zone, or just check the cardio machine you’re on because Myzone belts sync with all of our Life Fitness equipment. Your app will show what zone you’re in in real time so you can play around with your intensities or keep it steady.

When you’re done, take the belt off and your workout will autocomplete. Your workout will save in the Myzone app and you’ll have a full view of your effort and zones.

If you’re in range of our Functional Zone or Group Fitness Studio, your tile will be up on the screen so you don’t need your phone anywhere nearby. If you like to train all over the place, your tile will show when you’re near a screen but your whole workout keeps recording – even if you’re out on the track, you’ll be able to see your whole workout when you’re finished.


Myzone will help you understand how you are working out and how you can modify intensities to get the most from your workouts. It’s not about doing more exercise, or at a higher intensity, it’s about finding the right balance. Once you’ve got Myzone up and running, you’ll get better insight into your own body and what you can do to get fitter more efficiently. Our team is on hand to help you explore new training methods and get to the right zones.


Your Myzone tile will show on the screen you’re in range of, so you’ll always be able to see where you are at. This will keep you on your toes and working at the right zones! Your instructor will be able to coach specifically to your heart rate and get you working in the right zone.

To find out more about how you can make Myzone work for you, or to order a belt, ask our Gym team or send us an email: [email protected] or click HERE to order online.