AUT Millennium App

Discover a smarter way to elevate your fitness routine with our app!

Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Effortlessly check into the gym using your unique QR code.

Reserve your spot in group fitness classes with just a few taps.

Stay organised with reminders for your upcoming classes.

Stay in the loop with important updates via push notifications.

Easily track your membership and gym visits.

Book into exclusive Everyday Champion sessions for an extra boost.

Don’t miss out—download the app now and streamline your fitness journey!


What is My QR code and how do I use it from the app? 

The AUT Millennium app QR code acts as your gym tag. You’ll find it on your home screen, then select AUT Millennium as your club. Scan to enter the gym. 

Why is My QR code not working? 

If your QR code isn’t working, please speak with one of our friendly gym team. There may be note on your account we need to chat to you about – e.g. a payment query, updating your contact details or you might have something to collect from the front desk. 

How do I log in? 

  • Click on the login button. 
  • Enter the email address you used during signup for the gym. 
  • If you have a client portal log in: Access your account through the Client Portal log in. 
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, reset it using the “forgotten password” option. 
  • If you don’t have a password: Set up a new password. By clicking forgot password, this will let you set up a password through your email address that is connected to your email address you used during signup for the gym. 

How do I book classes? 

  • Log in to your account on the app. 
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Book your classes or press “Classes” on the bottom row. 
  • Select the date, time, and class type you want to join. 
  • Click the + button to book. 
  • Confirm your booking when prompted. 
  • Set class reminders if desired.  

How do I cancel a class booking? 

  • Log in to your account on the app. 
  • Go to Dashboard > UPCOMING CLASSES. 
  • Click on the class you want to cancel and press the x icon on the right. 
  • Confirm your cancellation when prompted. Easy as that! 

Can I book aquatic classes on the app? 

Yes, you can.  

Simply log in, navigate to Classes, and search for the aquatic class you want. 

Can I top up my 10 visit swimming concession card on the app? 

Yes, you can. 

 Log in, go to Dashboard > Shopping, and choose the type of concession you want to purchase. Follow the payment instructions to load it onto your account and concession card. 

Can I still use my physical Club Tag for both Pool and Gym? 

Yes you can, but now the app QR Code provides an additional digital option for entry (no need for a physical tag) 

Why does the app show many “members in club”? 

The “members in club” count includes both pool and gym members.