Strength and Conditioning

Functional Assessments

Balance Assessment

Aim: Your stability and balance are vital to your control, accuracy and precision during all movements in life and in sport. With your balance assessment, we will provide you with a report explaining your balance results and specific recommendations to improve your balance/stability for everyday life and sport. This assessment will take approximately 45 minutes.

  • $90

Movement Competency Screening

Your mobility and flexibility are crucial to injury prevention and longevity in sport. Through postural and movement competency screening, we can identify your movement inefficiencies and muscular imbalances.

  • $90

Balance and Movement Package

In combination, your mobility and stability assessments will provide a better overview of your functional movement capabilities for an injury free lifestyle.

  • $130

Strength Assessments

Dynamic Strength

Dynamic strength is pertinent to athletic performance in all sports. Using a range of functional movements and weightlifting exercises, we are able to assess your dynamic strength capabilities. The assessment will include two maximum strength (upper and lower body) tests and three strength endurance tests (push-up, pull up, core). From this assessment battery, we will have a holistic/comprehensive/detailed representation of your dynamic strength qualities. This assessment will take one hour and you will receive a report interpreting your results.

  • $100

  • 30min

Isometric Strength

Lower body strength is a critical component of athletic performance in many sports. Using a force plate, we are able to provide a complete diagnosis of your isometric strength capabilities. The assessment will include an isometric mid-thigh pull. From this test we are able to measure your rate of force development and peak/mean force capabilities. This assessment will take 30 min, and you will receive a report, interpreting your results. We also offer off-site strength and power assessments for an additional cost.

  • $85

  • 60min

Isokinetic Strength Assessment

Serious knee injuries are an all too common occurrence in a range of sports, and commonly result from a lack of strength in the supporting musculature, imbalances in the quadriceps and hamstrings, or strength asymmetries between left and right. This assessment is specifically designed to assess the strength of the muscles supporting your knee, to assess your injury risk or to assist in your rehabilitation. Our specialised equipment provides variable resistance to a movement, so that no matter how much effort you exert, the movement takes place at a constant speed. You will be assessed in concentric and eccentric muscle contractions on both sides at a range of speeds. This assessment takes approximately 60 minutes, providing you with a highly detailed report on your muscle strength, and how this relates to your injury risk or rehabilitation goals.

  • $150 (Knee)

  • $175 (Knee & Hip)

  • 60min

Complete Strength Package

The full palette of strength assessments provide you with a complete overview of your isometric, dynamic and isokinetic knee strength capabilities. The full assessment will take 2 ½ hours to complete. You will be given a full report detailing your areas of weakness and recommendations to help strengthen these areas.

  • $225

  • 150min

Power & Speed Assessments

Practical Power

Using a vertical jump and plyometric push up, we are able to measure your jump and push-up height. By relating these measures to your body weight, we are also able to predict your maximum force and velocity capabilities, providing you with a practical and scientific assessment of your ballistic upper and lower body qualities.

  • $75 (on-site)

  • $175 (off-site)

Power Profile

Using a force plate and linear position transducer, we are able to provide a complete diagnosis of your power qualities. The assessment will include a variety of lower and upper body power tests customised to your individual requirements. These will include jumping and throwing tasks utilizing a range of loads specific to your body type and sport. From these tests, we are able to measure your maximum force, peak power and maximum velocity capabilities, which can be useful for tracking your training progress and determining your strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will take one hour, and you will receive a full report interpreting your results. We also offer off-site strength and power assessments at an additional cost.

  • $175

  • 60min

Speed Profile (timing lights)

Speed is one quality that in many cases separates the elite athlete/player from the non-elite. Using state-of-the-art timing light technology, we can accurately measure your sprint times over 5 to 40 meters. We also offer team and off-site sprint testing for an additional cost

  • $90 (on-site)

  • $175 (off-site)

  • 60min

Speed Plus (radar)

Using radar technology and advanced diagnostic techniques, we are able to assess your maximum sprinting speed (km/h), maximum horizontal force and maximum horizontal velocity capabilities. This additional information provides you with a more detailed representation of your sprinting capability to better inform your sprint training. We also offer team and off-site sprint testing for an additional cost.

  • $125 (on-site)

  • $225 (off-site)

Speed and Agility

In addition to straight line speed, an athlete’s ability to change directions quickly is crucial – particularly in team sports where evading defenders and covering your opponent in defense can be crucial. The ‘speed for sport’ assessment includes a sprint test as well as a sports specific change of direction test. We also offer team and off-site sprint testing for an additional cost.

  • $130 (on-site)

  • $230 (off-site)

Sprint Kinetics Testing

Imbalances in dynamic leg strength may increase the likelihood of injury. A baseline analysis of individual kinetics and kinematics during maximal and sub-maximal sprinting on a non-motorised force treadmill will help pinpoint any imbalances that may lead to pre- or in-season injuries. The subsequent analysis and report includes the determination of individual strength and power profiles during sprinting, along with individual deficits and leg asymmetries in biomechanical variables during sprinting. The sprint assessment takes 30 minutes.

  • $125

Conditioning Assessments

Individual Aerobic Test

A number of field based aerobic tests are available on request, including: yo-yo intermittent recovery test, Australian shuttle run, Leger shuttle run, 30-15, and repeated sprint test.

  • $100 (on-site)

  • $150 (off-site)