Lucy Kennedy

“Hi, I’m Lucy”.

About Lucy

I’m a passionate PT and mum to 4 grown-up kids. 

I’ve been in the fitness industry for too many years to mention, don’t want to give away my age!  


I’m originally from the UK, where I first started as a gym instructor before joining the Police. 

Fast forward 22 years, and I left the Police to work on my PT business full time, and I haven’t looked back since. 


My passion is working with women, helping them best the best version of themselves. 

Having had my own children and dealing with the many things that can arise around birth and being a mum, I know the importance of exercise and its positive effect on our well-being, not just physically but mentally too.  


As a Police officer for many years, I’ve developed great listening skills. I will listen and not judge, advise and help you on your journey to the best version of yourself. 


Over the years, I have studied and gained a number of fitness-related qualifications – however, my main focus is mostly on women’s health. I used the time during the recent lockdowns to gain my pre and a postnatal coaching certificate. I’m also a pelvic floor safe trainer and recently completed my Yoga flexibility coaching certificate. 


Are you just starting on your health and fitness journey? 

Not sure where or how to start? 

Been training for a while but feeling stale and need some guidance and motivation? 

Want a trainer that will be there with you on your journey? 

Then I’m your girl… 


Contact me now or speak to reception and let’s get started.  

Contact details: 

E [email protected] 

T 021809692 

Qualifications and Achievements

  • REPS Registered Personal Trainer  
  • Personal Trainer Certificate NZ College of Fitness 
  • GGS Pre & Post Natal Coach 
  • Yoga Body Flexibility Coach  
  • Pelvic Floor Safe trainer 
  • HPN Nutrition Coach