Ben Titford

“Love your body?”

About Ben

Do you wish for a beautiful body, without the stress and intense dieting that usually goes with it?

Strength gains and weight loss without unnecessary bulk or scary weights?

It’s possible, and it’s right here!

I believe our fitness goals are only truly achievable and sustainable when our training reduces stress and when our nutrition fits our preferences. Together we’ll analyse your lifestyle and find the perfect way to include fitness in your schedule, while creating the most effective and enjoyable eating program to have you looking AND feeling amazing. It’s not as difficult as you might think, it’s just about working-out smarter, not harder. Of course, if you just want a wicked muscle-cranking sweat-fest, I can deliver that too!

Skip the guess-work, get the most out of every session, learn the best method for each movement, and get your health and fitness sorted FOR LIFE!

Let’s get started.

Training Specialties

•Advice and support for ANYTHING to do with fitness or nutrition

•GUARANTEED RESULTS when you follow my six week nutrition/lifestyle boost

•Functional and fun exercises to build a strong core and body for LIFE

•Injury management and rehabilitation

•Ante & Post-natal exercise programmes and nutritional support from day 1 and beyond

•Short-cuts for better results, cardiovascular gains and/or weight loss/muscle gain (perfect for beginners!)

•Stretching guru

•Competition-prep and sport-specific training

•Sessions suitable for any age and experience level

•Vegetarian and vegan-specific advice and support

•Trainer and teacher, so you’ll keep these tools for life!

Qualifications and Achievements

  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation
  • Exercise Science Major
  • Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Group Fitness Trainer