Exercise Testing

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test / Vo2 Max

Includes comprehensive consultation plus;

  • Breath by breath gas analysis
  • VO2, VCO2 (oxygen & carbon dioxide) measures
  • Gas exchange thresholds (ventilatory equivalent of blood lactate)
  • SpO2
  • Haemodynamic monitoring (heart rate & blood pressure exercise response)
  • Individualised exercise programme with threshold training zones
  • Energy utilisation ratios (carbs vs fat) via respiratory exchange ratio
  • Cardiorespiratory function assessment
  • Functional balance testing as required
  • Movement pattern screening

CPET conducted on either a treadmill or cycle

Duration = 1 – 1.5 hours

  • $250

  • Repeat $210

CPET / Vo2 Max + ECG

Includes Comprehesive Consultation and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test / Vo2 Max plus;

  • 12 Lead ECG monitoring
  • Spirometry as required

Duration = 1 – 1.5 hours

  • $320

  • Repeat $280

What Does Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Entail?

CPET is the gold standard of measuring a person’s cardiorespiratory fitness and function.  It looks at the health and ability of a person’s heart, lungs, and muscular system to cope with increased physiological demand.  CPET involves performing a short (10-20min) exercise test on a treadmill or cycle across a range of different intensities while monitoring the bodies physiological responses (VO2, HR, BP, etc) and matching those to a person’s rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and symptom presentation*.

*Use of 12 lead ECG allows a CEP to asses a person’s heart activity while exercising and provides a key tool for prescribing safe exercise ranges following any cardiac event.

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