Running and Cycling

Run3D Analysis

The RUN3D is the most advanced and accurate running assessment in NZ. Whilst you run on the treadmill 9 infrared high-speed cameras track the movement of 24 reflective markers placed on the lower body monitor and assess your movement. This analysis will help to highlight how you can rid yourself of injury and improve your running efficiency.

  • $399 (ACC: $285)

Running Tune Up

The Tune Up has been designed for recreational runners and sports people that wish to improve their running technique and reduce their risk of injury. The Tune Up includes
an assessment of key strength and flexibility variables, as well as a high speed video analysis of your running technique.

  • $130 (ACC: $66.50)

AlterG Treadmill

The AlterG treadmill is a unique reduced-gravity treadmill that provides the opportunity to run with reduced impact loading. The AlterG is a game changer in terms of running rehabilitation, enabling athletes to reintroduce running into their rehabilitation earlier.

  • $60 (1 Hour)

  • $35 (30mins)

Follow-up Assessments

Follow-up assessments are available and are focused on issues and improvements uncovered in your initial assessment.

  • $65 (ACC: $35)