Last word from Claire…

Millennium Gym

Claire had been a member of another local gym for years and recently visited Millennium Gym for the first time. “I was blown away by the new, clean gym environment, but just getting a hello at the door made me feel welcome.” Claire rated the air-con as a huge plus and ran an extra 10 minutes than ever before.

At her previous gym she received no help from instructors and on her first visit to Millennium an Instructor asked how she was going; “The staff here are really approachable and helpful. They seem to really know their stuff” The Face 2 Face programme is all about good advice, on-going support and results, and the fees are pretty reasonable. “My partner came to my old gym and had to wait for ages just to get in while staff were chatting about their weekend. That was the final straw for me. We joined Millennium and will never go back. I was chatting to another member in the bathroom and noticed it was really clean. She told me new cleaners had just been taken on and were doing a terrific job. I like it here…think I might just stay!!”

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