3 – 7 May

Explore new ways to stay well.

It’s time to check in on you.

We’re planning a week of activities, education and training for you to discover new ways to elevate your wellbeing.

Below is what we’ve got planned for you.  Keen to know more? Have a chat to the Gym team – we’re very excited to share this with you!


How do I book in?

Most Wellness Week sessions require booking,  which will be done via your member portal. Bookings are open now, so here’s how to secure your spot.

1. Log in to your member portal (If you’ve forgotten your password, click here to reset it)
2. Select “Facility” at the top of the page (you’ll be defaulted to “Classes”).
3. Click on “Any Facility”, then select the session/activity you’re interested in from the drop down.
4. Navigate to the date you’re after, and the available hours will show – you will need to select your preferred time slot within each hour. eg – for 6.30am, first select “6am” then “6.30am” from the start time drop down.
5. Click the ‘Next’ button to confirm your booking!

If you’re having trouble, chat to us at Gym Reception and we can book you in