By booking a private swimming lesson, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Our promise to you

Private swimming lessons with Jacob Garrod deliver safe swimming programmes catered to your level of fitness and swimming confidence. Jacob will provide coaching, supervision, advice and support to help you achieve your swimming goals.

Medical pre-screening

You acknowledge that you are in excellent health and physically capable of participating in private swimming lessons. AUT Millennium or Jacob Garrod cannot be held liable in any way for undeclared or known medical issues.


Payment for private lessons must be made in advance, either before each session, or in blocks of 10. Payments are made at Main Reception National Aquatic Centre reception.

Cancellation policy

We require 24 hours notice for all session cancellations. For cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled session, you may be charged 50% of your session fee. This may also be the case if you do not attend a booked session, or arrive excessively late (at Jacob’s discretion).


We understand that you may need to re-schedule a lesson from time to time. If you need to reschedule a lesson, we’d appreciate 12 hours notice where possible.

Use of smartphones / cameras

Please be careful when using smartphones in the National Aquatic Centre. Do your best to ensure no other members of the public are in videos/images you may be taking.


All client information will be kept private and confidential.