About Jasmine

Hi I’m Jasmine and I am very happy to meet you! I am very enthusiastic about fitness training, not only because it strengthens our body and contributes to us being in better shape, but it helps us lead a much healthier lifestyle which is also good for our health and wellbeing. In my training, I use methods I understand and personal experience to customise a training session and programme that meets your needs. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, gain muscle or focus more on body-toning, my plans will help
maximise your results. Sometimes having a goal that requires extra support and coaching is harder as you do not know where to start. Let me help you give yourself the opportunity to turn your thoughts into real action with the personal training services I offer. With a bit of commitment, I believe you will see massive changes in your health and fitness goals – so let’s start making progression together today!

你好,我是Jasmine,很高兴能在AUT MILLENNIUM健身房认识你。我对健身抱有很高的热情,不仅因为它可以增强我们的体魄和使我们拥有更好的身材,更是因为这是一种健康的生活方式。我可以运用我所了解的理论和实际经验给你量身定制一套符合你的实际情况的健身计划。无论你的目标是减脂,增肌还是塑身,我的计划都能给你带来最大化的效果。



Training Specialties

• Muscle hypertrophy
• Toning and firming
• Core training
• Strategies of weight loss and weight gain
• Functional training

Qualifications and Achievements

• AUT Certificate of fitness instruction (level 5)
AUT 健身专业指导证书 (等级5)
• AUT certificate of personal training (level 5)
AUT 私人教练证书 (等级5)
• Resistance Training Specialist(RTS) (level 1)
• NAC Group super model contest 2018 Best figure award
• NAC Group super model contest 2018 Bronze award
NAC 集团超模大赛2018 铜奖
• 2019 NZIFBB Auckland Championship Bikini Novice Tall 1st Place
2019 NZIFBB奥克兰冠军赛比基尼新人高组 第一名
• 2019 NZIFBB Auckland Championship Bikini Open Tall 2nd Place
2019 NZIFBB奥克兰冠军赛比基尼高组 第二名
• 2019 NZIFBB Natural Nationals Championship Bikini Novice Tall 2nd Place
2019 NZIFBB全国自然冠军赛比基尼新人高组 第二名
• 2019 NZIFBB Natural Nationals Championship Bikini Open Tall 3rd Place
2019 NZIFBB全国自然冠军赛比基尼高组 第三名