About Jackson

Hi I’m Jackson


I have a solid background in Science, particular in the field of nutrition that I am able to help members with individual and personalized nutrition plans. Catering and adapting for the Chinese culture where the balance from training and nutrition will help to achieve your desired goal.

我有非常好的理科背景尤其是在营养学上. 因此我能学以致用 去帮助会员量身订制符合我们亚洲人文化的饮食计划去帮他们实现任何目标

I am immensely passionate about healthy eating and fitness, which I believe are the two key elements to improving one’s quality of life, also as a top current competitive athlete in bodybuilding I understand how both are just as important. With these characteristics, I know what it takes to work very hard and to be consistent to achieve any goals, whether its health and fitness related, or other aspects of life therefore I wish to align these values with my clients to help them become the best version of themselves, and inevitably their quality of life.

我对于健康饮食和运动有非常多的热情. 我相信这两者的结合是提升生活质量的不可缺少因素. 也因为我自己是运动员, 所以我才能更深深的体会这两者的重要性. 同时作为运动员我也能理解个人的自律和努力对于达成训练目标是有多么的重要. 我希望能把这些价值观完美的传递给我每一位学员

让他们做最好, 最满意的自己

Training Specialties

  • Providing dietary advice or meal plans to satisfy any goal, including sports performance, fat mass reduction, muscle mass gain or general wellbeing
  • 提供饮食和营养建议去帮助学员达成训练目标 包括提升运动表现, 减脂, 增肌, 或者基本健康和养生
  • Muscle hypertrophy
  • 肌肥大训练
  • Toning and firming
  • 塑身训练
  • Bodybuilding (contest nutrition and posing routines)
  • 健美式训练, 比赛饮食规划, 比赛造型
  • General health and fitness
  • 基本健康和养生

Qualifications and Achievements

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Science Majoring in Human Nutrition
  • 梅西大学 人类营养学研究所
  • Bachelor of Science Majoring in Human Nutrition
  • 梅西大学 人类营养学学士学位
  • Bachelor of Science Majoring in Biomedical Science
  • 奥克兰大学 生物医疗学士学位
  • Certificate in Advanced Personal Training (Level III)
  • 新西兰 高级私人教练证照(等级三)


Competitive Athlete in Bodybuilding(健体比赛运动员):


  • NZIFBB 2017 All Naturals Championship (Overall Men’s Physique 1st Place, Overall Winner
  • 新西兰 2017年 第一届自然健体男子组总冠军


  • NZIFBB 2017 Nationals (Open Men’s Physique Top 5 Overall)
  • 新西兰 2017年 全国赛 健体男子组 第五名


  • NZIFBB 2017 Waikato Championship (Novice Men’s Physique 1st Place, Open Men’s Physique 2nd Place Overall)
  • 新西兰 2017年 汉密尔顿 怀卡托地区 健体男子新人组冠军, 全场健体男子组亚军)