Sports Performance Clinics

  • World class facilities teamed with highly skilled and knowledgeable team to provide you with the best sports science support
  • Services on offer are grounded in research and underpinned by the AUT’s SPRINZ
  • Research is facilitated through the services we provide and the services are in turn improved through research

Human Potential Clinic

  • HPC bridges the gap between the medical community and fitness industry
  • Evidence-based, advanced exercise assessment and prescription for people living with a wide range of risk factors and medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • HPC works closely with referring medical practitioners, specialists and other allied health professionals, to provide comprehensive prevention, treatment and management of various health conditions
  • Latest exercise equipment to ensure clients are exercising in a safe environment
  •  Priority focus on equipping clients with the skills to maintain appropriate physical activity habits in the long term