Everyday Champion Programme.

The Everyday Champion programme is a series of four individual sessions with a Gym instructor, designed to give members personalised attention without the cost of a personal trainer. The sessions cover physical assessments, nutrition advice, goal setting, stretching techniques, and programme introduction and review. This is a complimentary programme as part of an AUT Millennium Gym membership.

What’s covered in the Everyday Champion sessions?

Vision (Within 7 days of sign up)

In this personal profile session our qualified instructors will assess your health and fitness goals and take you through a comprehensive physical assessment, including a health questionnaire, heart rate recovery test, muscular endurance, and body composition measurements.

Action (3 days after Vision)

To ensure you get the most out of your workout our instructors will design and demonstrate a workout programme targeted at achieving your health and fitness goals. Learn correct exercise technique, weight selection, range of motion, and much more.

Progress (2 weeks after Action)

Your programme and progress will be assessed to get you the best results. Individuals may expect some tweaks in exercise advancements, weight selection, technique, sets and/or reps depending on your confidence level and ability.

Review (Every 6-8 weeks)

Your initial physical assessments, measurements and goals will be re-evaluated to help keep you on track to be an Everyday Champion!

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