What is open at Red & Orange?

At Red and Orange, all AUT Millennium facilities are open. At Red, capacity and gathering limits apply but these ease in Orange. At both Red and Orange other public health measures apply in most areas, including vaccine passes, face coverings and record keeping.

What areas require vaccine passes, face coverings, and capacity limits?

Different areas have different requirements. These are summarised below:




Will members and users need to be vaccinated to access AUT Millennium facilities and services?

Our indoor areas will require vaccine passes for all eligible users, with the exception of medical visitors.

Our primary health and medical services (ie HealthZone & Kinetics Physio) are required to provide basic services regardless of your vaccination status. Their patients will access these practices via the public concourse through the main entrance. Please check with your medical for their policies.

Do I need to show my vaccine pass each visit?

Yes, we’ll sight and verify your vaccine pass when you arrive.

If you are an AUT Millennium member you will need to show your pass on your first visit. You won’t need to show this each time you come, but you’ll need to show it again when your vaccine pass expires. Please keep your pass with you, and don’t be offended if you’re asked to provide it.

How will children under 12 years and 3 months be treated?

As AUT Millennium welcomes many children under the age of 12 years and 3 months visiting the facility regularly, they can be treated as ‘vaccinated’ for the purpose of CVCs, and also they are counted in terms of any capacity limits. This means they can interact with staff and customers in the same way as a vaccinated customer.

When will you review your policy on vaccination?

We’ll review the vaccine pass mandate at each Covid Protection Framework level.

Are your staff vaccinated?

All AUT Millennium staff will be required to be vaccinated.


Which pools are open?

The National Aquatic Centre, AUT Millennium Main Pool, and AUT Millennium Small Pool are all open at Red and Orange.

Can I watch my child swim?

In the AUT Millennium Small Pool:

  • Parents/caregivers must remain in the pool area to supervise their child.

In the AUT Millennium Main Pool:

  • Spectators cannot stay in the pool area.
  • If your child is under 10 years old, you may drop your child off on poolside and then leave the pool area until time to pick them up again.

In the National Aquatic Centre:

  • Spectators may sit in the National Aquatic Centre grandstand.
  • If your child is under 10 years old, you may drop your child off on poolside and then go to the National Aquatic Centre Grandstand or leave the pool area until time to pick them up again.
  • We ask that only one parent/caregiver if possible, come into the pool area with younger children for Swim school Lessons.
  • If the child under 10 years of age is a public swimmer, they must be actively supervised by a caregiver, who must remain on poolside whilst the child is swimming.

Will aquatic group fitness be running?

Yes! Aquatic group fitness will resume, please see the online timetable for class times. Deep water running belts will be available.

Can I use the Deep Water Running belts?

Yes, the deep water running belts will be available for public use.

Are changing rooms open?

Changing rooms are open but swimmers are encouraged to come dressed in their swimming gear and shower at home.

Are the water fountains available?

Yes, but we encourage you to bring your own pre-filled water bottles.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

You do not need to wear a mask in the pool area but please wear a face covering when entering/exiting the pool area.

Will swim school lessons be starting back?

Normal Swim School lessons won’t be resuming this year. Your spot is reserved and locked in for starting back Tuesday 1st February 2022. Please contact Customer Care if you wish to makes any changes to your lesson times or booking.

Swim School will be running two weeks of Holiday Intensive Lessons in December and January. Please follow this link to find out how to book.


Do I need to wear a face-covering? 

You do not need to wear a mask when exercising, but please wear a face covering when entering/exiting the gym.

Will group fitness be running? 

Yes! Indoor group fitness is running. Please check your member portal for class times and to book in. Please note, there are some restrictions on class sizes – make sure you book in to secure your spot!

Will the saunas be open? 

Yes! Saunas will be open. At Red, we ask that you maintain physical distancing and only use the sauna for 20 minutes. At Orange, the sauna runs as normal.

Will the water fountains be on? 


Will the fans be on?  


Are some machines switched off?  

No, under Red and Orange, we are able to operate with greater freedoms, so everything is open. We have spaced things out where possible, but all cardio, weights and equipment is available.

Do I need to book in to use the gym? 


Is it safe to return, especially without a mask, when I have to wear one in shops?  

As an industry, we take the spread of Covid seriously, and we exceed the government requirements to keep you safe. There is a risk of covid spread within any confined space. Still, we know that only allowing vaccinated members, maintaining high hygiene standards (with increased high touch surface cleans), and maintaining our distance from others in the gym keeps the risk very low. We’re a bit different to retail as you tend to come to the gym for a longer time, so you’ll cross paths with fewer people than you would in a retail environment.

If you’re worried about coming back, please feel free to give us a call, and we can talk you through what things look like and how we’ll be keeping you safe.

Powerzone and Sports Hall

How will vaccine passes be used?

All club, HPSNZ and casual bookings will be required to sight and verify all their eligible coaches/members/athletes prior to visiting the facility and maintain an accurate record.

Sighting and verifying Vaccine Passports will be the responsibility of the club/user group.

Pre-verified club coaches/members/athletes won’t be required to show their Vaccine Passport at reception if attending as part of a club/user group pool booking.

Note: bookings are required for each Sports Hall group.


What restrictions apply to conference activities?

At Red, food and beverage service must be seated and separated.

At Orange, no Covid Protection Framework restrictions apply due to our use of vaccine passes. Please note, normal room capacity restrictions will apply.

We will require event bookings to sign a declaration that all attendees have submitted a ‘My Vaccine Pass’ as part of their registration, and that this has been verified.

What other public health measures do I need to follow?

We’re all in this together and there are some general steps you must take to help keep everyone safe:

  • Stay at home if you’re feeling at all unwell.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and/or hand sanitiser.
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, do so into your elbow or tissue (and dispose of it in a bin).
  • Maintain the recommended physical distancing.
  • Scan the NZ COVID QR code or manually sign in when entering the facility.