Student Lab.

In sport, the principle of specificity states that the closer your practice resembles the game, the better it is for you.

Learning is the same.

Our student workshops, held in our world-class training facilities, are designed to enrich physical education learning through hands-on, real world experiences.

Learning topics include:

  • Biophysical and biomechanical principles
  • Exercise physiology
  • Mental skills
  • Personal development
Whitney Dunner

“Visiting AUT Millennium with Craig was great as it is an interest I plan to do in the future. The things he said was relevant to us and the [tough muddder] challenge. He told us all about our mind set and how athlete copes with this, which was relevant to me as I often just give up. He is full of knowledge and I found this interesting and enjoyed looking around the campus – especially the laboratory”.

Whitney Dunner Matamata College Year 12 PE student
Ward Dinsdale

“Craig’s time spent with us gave me a lot to think about, where my ambitions lie and what motivates me”.

Ward Dinsdale Matamata College, Year 12 PE student
Daniel Stutt

“The visit [to AD] was very beneficial to me being an athlete as well as helping me with my studies. The process of getting from good to great really stuck with me as I can use it to help me improve in my own sports. I was really interested in the way, through testing and the use of the slow mo camera’s, you are able to find faults in running technique and find methods to correct it. Seeing all this during our visit has made me consider pursuing a career in sport”.

Daniel Stutt Matamata College Year 12, PE student