Nutrition Advice Sheets

Sports Advice Sheets

Knowing how to maximise your performance though good nutrition can make the difference between having the energy to win and enjoy your sport, or running out of steam, leading to disappointment and frustration – no matter how much training and preparation you’ve undergone.

To help you understand more about how good nutrition will help you perform at your best, AUT Millennium and Nestlé have developed a fact sheet specifically for your sport. These include information on what to eat before, during and after training, how to manage your nutritional needs on competition or game days, key foods to keep in your pantry and fridge, examples of menu plans, nutritional profiles of star athletes and recipes to enjoy. As well as information specific to your sport, there is also general information on what to eat whilst travelling, the importance of carbohydrates, the glycemic index and much more.

Sports Nutrition Advice Sheets

Select from a wide range of nutrition sheets to help you understand more about sports nutrition and how you can eat to perform at your best.

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